Our specials for Monsoon include the following services at a steal price! :)




Reap the benefits of Manicure Mondays! Get a manicure for just INR 199/-* only on mondays.


Hair Styling

Have you had the same look for years? It's time for change. We will freshen up your look and morph you into the best version of yourself. Styling starts at only 399/-*

Image by Angelo Pantazis
Barber at Work


Hair Cut

Get a haircut customized to your build, face shape and personality. Allow us to compliment your look with the right foundation & finishing touches. Starting at 299/-*


Glow Facial

Have you seen people with clear, glowing complexion on Instagram? You can have it too. Try it for yourself. Glow facials at just 399/-*

Man Getting a Facial
Smooth Shiny Skin


Skin Hydration

The number one cause of aging and wrinkles. Our skin needs hydration to stay young and supple. Our Hydration Facial is loaded with key ingredients that will make you look younger and have smoother skin instantly! Skin Hydration at just 399/-*