Hair Oil

How often do you need to oil your hair?

Studies show that oiling your hair every week stimulated hair growth & also promoted healthier, more nourished hair. Different oils have different benefits and can therefore give you results based on what your goal is.

We have 3 different types of oils:
1) Coconut Oil to moisturize, prevent hair breakage & tame frizz.
2) Almond Oil to soften and strengthen hair.
3) Herbal Oil to promote hair growth

Our massage techniques promote hair growth, improves circulation & destresses your scalp & mind.

Our steam is set to the right temperature that allows the hair fibres to open up and absorb the oil into the hair follice. Promoting hair growth, moisture and nourishment.

Try our Hair Oil with a complimentary head massage to reap the benefits stated above.


Basweshwar Nagar